Sona Photography

About Us

Mona and Stephana are the owners and photographers behind Sona Photography and have over 30 years of combined photography experience. Throughout the year they specialize in South Asian Wedding events, but their talent and dedication spreads into the lifestyle photography world as well.

Sona Photography is honored to capture the other big moments and events in your life (birth of a child, moving into a new home, a party to celebrate a special milestone) to ensure your memories can be shared with family and friends for years to come. We also offer private portrait sessions or group mini-sessions where we focus our attention on capturing the essence of who you are in a particular time in your life.

Our style is a mix of photojournalistic (capturing real moments) and creative portraiture (posing & direction) to give you a blended product that feels like every bit of you on your best day.

Please let us know more about your photography needs so we can send you a custom quote.